Prefabricated Buildings

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Prefabricated Buildings

In comparison to regular/traditional buildings, our prefabricated/modular buildings deliver enormous quantifiable benefits in terms of customization, lead time for construction as well as decreased costs.

Reduction of project costs
Cost reductions can be achieved through multiple prefabricated buildings being placed on a project site allowing numerous benefits such as more efficient inventory management, avoiding all the defects, transportation costs, and time delays associated with the on-site construction of traditional buildings. Material, labor, maintenance, and insurance costs are also lower in comparison to traditional on-site construction.

As our prefabricated buildings are replicable, design costs can be saved in stark comparison to traditional on-site buildings whereby different designs must be created for different buildings. Enormous cost benefits from such replicable buildings can be especially observed throughout such projects as apartments, hotels, mining accommodations, classrooms.

A shift towards off-site operations
As the manufacturing area in our facility for such buildings is indoor/closed-yard it allows our construction of such buildings to take place regardless of the environmental/weather conditions – this helps to ensure that the buildings are completed on time and to the highest possible quality. Construction time for projects can be drastically reduced as both on-site and off-site (incl. manufacturing of prefabricated buildings) operations can be carried out simultaneously.

Also, if the majority of the building construction takes place off-site and within our facility, the overall on-site duration, instances of theft as well as health & safety hazards for on-site employees can be substantially reduced. Instances of theft and/or vandalism on project sites will be significantly lower as fewer materials and equipment have to be stored on the project site. After the prefabricated buildings have been delivered to the site, materials and equipment can be locked and secured.

Waste reduction

Reduced construction waste is possible due to multiple prefabricated buildings being able to be built simultaneously in our facility.

Ability to facilitate tighter management control

In some instances, such buildings can be used to facilitate direct, streamlined communication between on-site and factory teams regarding the production process, product delivery, and management approach.

Customisability and strength

The designs of our prefabricated buildings can be customized to meet the specifications needs of various customers for professional or private use. They can be manufactured in various sizes and various types of insulation materials used. 

Our prefabricated buildings can be constructed using strong and durable materials (eg stainless steel) and can also be ensured to meet ingress protection requirements i.e. does not allow penetration of liquids or solids inside the building based on the building’s structural composition.

Our prefabricated buildings are versatile in the sense that they can be designed for any use. They are highly beneficial especially for operations requiring temporary structures, short construction timeframes, and/or low construction costs. They are excellent solutions in locations whereby the conditions involved prohibit or impair construction onsite. For Eg, our prefabricated buildings may be used as offices in mining sites or as guard posts to temporary military bases. Our prefabricated buildings can also serve as office containers, accommodation facilities, metal kiosks, shops, hotels, villas, emergency estates, camps, ablution facilities, dormitories, etc.

Continuous innovation 

It is important to consider that in this dynamic world, the needs and requirements of clients are constantly changing. This means that we must continuously adapt to new requirements of clients throughout various industries. With our continuous emphasis on research and development, we can adapt to the evolving needs of various industries such as Information Technology (IT) and the defense industries, etc. 
We can design and build modular data centers are which serve the needs of the ever-changing IT industry with their customizability and our bulletproof containers can be designed to serve the security and protection needs of stakeholders in the defense industry.