Power Control Room

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Power Control Room

The Power Control Rooms (PCRs) we manufacture are designed to be able to operate in the harshest climate/environmental conditions. We manufacture large prefabricated industrial power control rooms (PCRs) used in industries such as oil and gas, power generation, etc. Such PCRs provide storage towards various relevant electrical distribution equipment/systems within thermally insulated prefabricated buildings.

Our PCRs are designed to meet the specifications and scheduled timeframe requirements of each customer through our provision of single-source capability, engineering services, and turnkey installations.

Some of the benefits of our power control rooms include, in comparison to on-site traditional buildings:

  • Maximization of cost efficiency – Building set-up and installation costs are minimized. Similar to our e-houses our PCR buildings are turnkey solutions designed to be able to operate immediately after their delivery and installation on site. 
  • Decreased impact – towards the surrounding natural environment because manpower activities being moved off-site.
  • Strength and quality – High-quality and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions in isolated locations such as deserts, deep jungles, frozen terrains, oceans 
  • Rigorous testing – with subsequent commissioning of PCR buildings 
  • Rapid installation of all equipment inside the PCR buildings – in comparison to traditional on-site buildings where co-ordination between multiple equipment vendors is required which results in more time being required for installation of equipment
  • Customisability – The design of our PCRs is customizable to meet unique customer requirements. We can build our PCRs to any size as required. 
  • In comparison to traditional on-site buildings, the process of cabling installation in our PCR buildings is significantly less complicated and time-consuming in comparison to installation in traditional buildings.