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The Solution for portable / moveable office and housing
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Container Toilet

Sanitation is the main priority for a good workplace
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Modular Clinic

Solution for your portable modular healthcare onsite center
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Our Expertise

For Modular Solution

Through expertise gained from experience of producing many kind of steel compartment, we have expanded our manufacturing capabilities to included the production of transmitter cabin, telecommunication shelter, power control room and other moveable accommodation for numerous industrial usages.

Our Products :

  • Clinic Portacamp

  • Telecommunication Shelter

  • Stackable Portacamps

  • Modular Building

  • Power Control Room

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BGF's Products

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Our portacamp units are faster to produce, better suited for the tropics, durable, economical and can be fitted out according to your exact requirements. It can be transported, recycled, leave a minimal footprint, easy to maintain, can be relocated or joined up with other units

Complete range of sanitary units such as ablution toilets, showers, portable toilets, urinals and washing areas. We can offer both the traditional and Islamic style urinals, plus both seated and squatting style toilets.

Sewage and water treatment works are also planned and carried out by us, to ensure the highest standard of hygiene and cleanliness. We welcome any type of design or ideas you have, and we are experienced and experts in producing such facilities.

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Marketing Office:
Pusat Niaga Artha Gading
Blok A6A / 29
Jl. Boulevard Artha Gading
Kelapa Gading – Jakarta 14240
(021) 458 74 584
(021) 458 74 597
(021) 458 74 613
(021) 458 74 614

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